Cold storage to keep ingredients fresh

If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you’ve seen huge stockrooms filled to the brim with ingredients and supplies that keep businesses in the food and beverage industry running smoothly. In most cases a restaurant’s cold storage consists of a gigantic, commercial grade refrigerator but sometimes, even that’s not enough space!

Imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a quickly growing restaurant. Your customer base is rapidly expanding day by day and you’ve had to increase the amount of food you order by truck every week. As your food stock increases, your cold storage space decreases and you’ve suddenly found yourself in a bind without the cold storage space necessary to keep all your ingredients cool.

Not only would this scenario would be a nightmare for restaurant owners, kitchen staff, and customers but it would probably result in countless health code violations as well, due to improper food storage. In this case, a restaurant owner would be left with a few options:

  1. Move to a larger location.
  2. Renovate and expand the current space.
  3. Find another cold storage solution.

Instead of resorting to costly expansions and construction, why not find another solution that can temporarily or permanently expand the cold storage capabilities of a business?

A Cold Storage Solution

The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ offers portable cold storage for a variety of food and beverage related businesses. Whether you own a food truck and just need an additional refrigerated container for storage, or you’re looking for a temporary way to store ingredients at your new restaurant launch – this portable cold box has the power to transform and increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

The Solar ColdBox™ can even fully replace a traditional commercial refrigeration system to reduce operating costs and increase the flexibility of manufacturing, distribution, and packaging locations that require cold storage. The Solar ColdBox™ also features the added bonus of being completely independant of any power grid. Ideal for any off-grid situation, the cold box harnesses the power of the sun to produce portable solar refrigeration.

The cold storage capabilities of the Solar ColdBox™ are especially beneficial in the following food and beverage-related instances:

  • Unexpected loss of power
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Outdoor markets
  • Locations with no cold storage available
  • Temporary overflow of products

If you think the Solar ColdBox™ would be a good fit for your restaurant or manufacturing facility, please contact us today! We would love to provide you with even more information.