Aldelano Solar ColdBox

The Aldelano Solar ColdBox is an industrial-grade, portable, solar-powered cold storage mini-warehouse.

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The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is an industrial-grade, portable, solar-powered cold storage mini-warehouse that provides a completely renewable power source, refrigeration and freezing capacity, as well as water and ice production by utilizing molecules from the air and the power of the sun.

Ideal for remote locations and with virtually no operating costs, the Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is deliverable virtually anywhere. Installation is easy and simple. The off-grid box is wired and ready to run, allowing you to take solar-powered refrigeration anywhere in the world. Simply set up the solar panels to enjoy to harness the solar power. To maintain your Aldelano Solar ColdBox™, clean the solar panels with a water hose and water the batteries once a month using our on-board easy watering system. That’s it!

The solar-powered refrigerated container has the power to fight food waste while providing cold storage for vaccine, blood or medicine all through commercial cold storage.

Off-grid refrigeration can be valuable for humanitarian organizations and governments. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions’ industrial refrigerated containers provide large-scale solar resources for farming, emergency aid, refugee camps, and more. Solar refrigeration allows food and medicines to maintain FDA regulations when the power grid is not stable or available. Learn more about applications.

Specifications & Features


Sub-Zero Freezer (40ft, 20ft, 10ft options)

-10 degrees to +55 degrees Fahrenheit* 9-23.3 to +4.4 Celsius)

Refrigerator (40ft, 20ft, 10ft options)

0 degrees to +55 degrees Fahrenheit* (-17.8 to +12.8 Celsius)

Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer (40ft option)

Freezer compartment and Refrigerator compartment in the same unit

BackPack™—Solar powered refrigeration equipment paired to your existing insulated container or cold room

Sub-Zero Freezer and Refrigerator options

*Inside temperatures will not exceed outside temperatures

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40 foot Solar ColdBox

  • Outside dimensions: 40.0ft x 8.0ft x 9.5ft (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.9m)
  • Inside dimensions: 32.5ft x 6.8ft x 8.0ft (9.9m x 2.1m x 2.4m)
  • Weight: 16,700 lbs (7,575 kg)

20 foot Solar ColdBox

  • Outside dimensions: 20.0ft x 8.0ft x 8.5ft (6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m)
  • Inside dimensions: 13.8ft x 6.8ft x 7.3ft (4.2m x 2.1m x 2.2m)
  • Weight: 11,700 lbs (5,307 kg)

10 foot Solar ColdBox

  • Outside dimensions: 20.0ft x 8.0ft x 8.5ft (6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m)
  • Inside dimensions: 10.0ft x 6.8ft x 7.3ft (3.1m x 2.1m x 2.2m)
  • Weight: 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg)

40 foot Side-by-Side Solar ColdBox

  • Outside dimensions: 40.0ft x 8.0ft x 9.5ft (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.9m)
  • Freezer compartment inside dimensions: 11.0ft x 6.8ft x 8.0ft (3.4m x 2.1m x 2.4m)
  • Refrigerator compartment inside dimensions: 21.5ft x 6.8ft x 8.0ft (6.5m x 2.1m x 2.4m)
  • Weight: 16,700 lbs (7,575 kg)


  • 5.8ft x 7.5ft x 7.5ft (1.8m x 2.3m x 2.3m)
  • Weight: 5,300 lbs (2,404 kg)

Dimensions are approximate and do not include solar panels or optional add-ons.

Cold Storage Solar ColdBox Interior
Cold Storage Solar ColdBox Exterior

Power Supply:

Off-grid/Solar Powered with Battery Storage and Generator Backup (gasoline and diesel options available)

  • Runs directly from solar power during the day and stored solar energy (batteries) at night
  • Up to 15 hour battery feed before generator is needed
  • The Aldelano SmartLogic™ system automatically switches to an alternative energy source (generator or grid power) when batteries reach pre-set discharge levels and automatically reverts when batteries are fully charged
  • Generator simultaneously runs the equipment and charges the batteries reducing the need for the generator
  • Option to grid-tie if desired or can select fully on-grid option
  • Energy efficient (240 volt, single phase)


  • 50 hz and 60 hz models available
  • On-board displays and optional alarms for temperature monitoring
  • Optional remote temperature monitoring and remote temperature control
  • Can be used as an independent power supply for both 110v and 220v items
  • Drive-in T-floor supports forklift and facilitates air circulation
  • Special weather-proof coating seals against rust and reflects UV rays keeping the box cooler and running more efficiently
  • Ships as a fully assembled unit, just set up and connect solar panels
  • Complete unit handles and transports as a standard shipping container
  • Filtration system protects components from the elements including sand and dust
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Quality of Made in the USA


Aldelano Solar WaterMaker™—Water from Air

  • Extracts moisture from the humidity in the air and purifies it for
  • Models range from 30 to 1000 gallons per day
  • 7 stage filtration system
  • Solar powered
  • Operating conditions require 60°F (15.6° C) and 60% relative humidity
  • Operates best in ideal conditions of 80° F (26.6° C) and 80% relative humidity

Aldelano Solar IceMaker™

  • Used in conjunction with the Aldelano Solar WaterMaker™, converts water to ice
  • Models range from 120 to 2300 lbs of ice per day

Site Considerations:

  • Ships as a fully assembled unit
  • The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is ideally delivered by tilt-bed trailer. The delivery truck must be able to access and back into the actual location where the container will rest.  Once the unit is in place, special equipment will be needed to move it to another location.
  • Solar panels must face due south for locations above the equator, due north for locations below the equator.  Contact your Aldelano Sales Rep for specific space requirements and location considerations.