Before a state or federal government responds to a natural disaster, disaster management must be assessed at a local level.

Local Response Includes:

Acting as Emergency Response

Activating the Emergency Operations Center

Coordinating with Public & Private Organizations

Notifying State Emergency Management Agency

Activating Local and Government Organizations for Mutual Aid Compacts

Activating Response Agreements with State & Federal Departments or Agencies

Proclaiming A Local State of Emergency

Requesting the State Emergency Management Agency to Provide State and/or Federal Assistance

If local agencies do not have the resources to respond to a disaster they turn to State government. Many may not know that local governments cannot directly access Federal programs. When local and State government cannot provide the necessary resources for a disaster, then State government turns to the federal government. It is the FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that coordinates the National Response Framework so States can work with FEMA to access Federal support.

The key to disaster relief is disaster preparedness. Our goal is to equip local government with lifesaving resources ahead of time, especially those in high risk areas. By retaining supplies and equipment on hand before a disaster occurs, local governments have the ability to provide better response times in the wake of an unexpected emergency.

Our solar, off-grid solutions mean local responders do not need to rely on a water system or access to power. This is HUGE when a natural disaster leaves areas without power or compromises the water supply. Staying prepared with Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions means local governments have more resources for response without waiting on State or Federal agencies.

Managing shelters and providing immediate resources to those in need is a major undertaking that drains local response teams. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions have the capacity to provide cold storage for food or medicine, clean water and ice generated from moisture in the air, as well as solar power that can sustain a single home or entire village.

Emergency preparedness saves lives and readiness starts at a local level. It begins by providing disaster preparedness education for individuals and ensuring local emergency responders are fully equipped. While a natural disaster might be unexpected, communities that are more prone to severe weather can prepare with equipment and resources that aid in the immediate aftermath.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can assist with disaster preparedness by providing solar, off-grid solutions that can aid shelters, bases of operation and areas without clean water or access to power.




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