The primary challenges of off-grid living include: access to water, limited power supply, proper food storage and costs.

In a separate blog post, we identified  potential solutions for these issues. Our goal is to provide solutions that are reliable, durable and of the highest quality. In this pursuit, Aldelano has created the Solar PowerPak!

The Solar PowerPak provides additional auxiliary solar-power that goes beyond what is provided through our Solar ColdBox. If you are not familiar with our Solar ColdBox, it provides cold storage and auxiliary solar power. It is a vital resource for storing food, crops and medicines for those living off-grid. The Solar PowerPak goes beyond the Solar ColdBox’s auxiliary power supply to meet one of the primary off-grid challenges – a limited power supply.

We provide three standard sizes. The PowerPak 12 will power a small household in the U.S., including all basic appliances such as AC unit as well as the washer/dryer and dishwasher. The PowerPak 24, can power double that of the PowerPak 12. This means it can power up to 2 homes with full appliances. Our larger units are up to 7 times that of the small unit. This means our PowerPak 84 can power up to 7 households with full appliances.

The Solar PowerPak breaks through the limited power supply challenge with robust capabilities for any region of the world. A property analysis is necessary to determine whether you need: solar, hydro, wind or geothermal power solutions. Should you evaluate that solar is a potential solution for providing power, consider the Solar PowerPak as well as our other Solar Cold Chain Solutions.

A challenge with off-grid living is the distance from major resources. With the Solar PowerPak off-grid lovers are able to utilize power tools and other machinery that are necessary to survive. Our resources can be a game changer for the farming process as it gives off-grid lovers access large pieces of machinery and tools that aid in the sustainability of a remote lifestyle.

The PowerPak outperforms other solar power resources in its performance and reliability. A key to operating off-grid is utilizing solutions that have a long operating life. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak is your number one choice for harnessing solar power and dependability. It is completely customizable. Different parts of the globe have different styles of outlets and adapters as well as different types of appliances. Our Solar PowerPak can be customized to ANYTHING! In fact, if our three standard sizes do not meet your needs, Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can create a completely custom Solar PowerPak to fit your unique requirements.

This completely customizable resource goes one step further in creating long lasting solar solutions for off-grid living.