Find out how the Solar ColdBox is impacting seaports worldwide.

Seaports such as those in Southern California, East Florida, and elsewhere around the world see hundreds of thousands of containers hit the docks regularly. These shipments sit in the hot sun for hours, sometimes days before being moved. While units containing automobiles and other non-perishables will maintain quality in any temperature, the shipments containing food products will spoil without adequate cooling. Here at Aldelano, we offer relief to seaports with our unique Solar ColdBox containers.

Using the energy harnessed from the sun, our containers provide solar refrigeration for products that require low temperature storage. This renewable resource allows for cost effective energy with little to no additional operating costs, outside of the initial purchase of the equipment. Imagine having the option of storing fruit, vegetables, meat and cheeses without the extensive electric bills or battery costs which would be sure to follow. We can help you make that fantasy a reality.

Simplified Shipping

Aldelano’s Solar ColdBox containers offer protection to the nearly six-billion dollars’ worth of perishable products which ship daily. In an industry which has seen a growth of more than 3% each year over the past decade, the solar refrigeration revolution couldn’t have come at a better time.

Our units can be used as stationary cold storage at each seaport, or transported containing cargo. Designed for portability, the Solar ColdBox simplifies the entire process from start to finish by maintaining temperatures using stored solar energy which is collected during the day. This means that even when the unit is unable to pull power from the sun, it will continue to function efficiently. In the case of an extended period of use, generators and traditional energy methods may be used as a backup resource.

Benefits of Solar ColdBox Shipping

Refrigerated containers offer the obvious advantage of maintaining adequate temperatures during transport, but at Aldelano we wanted to stand for more than just the guarantee of fresh produce. Using a solar cooler gives you the opportunity to witness a decrease in operating costs over a period of five years. It also supplies a failsafe when traditional electricity is unavailable or cuts out. Even in off-grid communities, or regions of the seaport where power cords are inaccessible, our Solar ColdBox continues to work using solar energy.

We provide services to seaports, the agricultural industry, emergency and rescue organizations, and even the medical industry, with major companies worldwide trusting in our brand. Let us show you the difference that the Aldelano Solar ColdBox can make to your shipping process. Call us today for details.