Using the Solar ColdBox for missions and outreach.

The power of faith is an amazing thing, especially when it leads people to help those in need. At Aldelano, we care about the world, and those who live in it. Our inventions are a testament to that care, and the Solar ColdBox plays a big role in our ability to assist faith-based organizations in their outreach efforts.

Many missional activities take place in countries where hundreds of thousands of people go without the simplest necessities of life. Things that we take for granted everyday here in North America can save lives in these areas, and Aldelano is happy to help make a difference.

Taking The ColdBox To Those In Need

Our solar cooler works through the power of the sun by absorbing these rays via solar panels and converting this energy into electricity. The Solar ColdBox has the ability to function as a portable refrigeration unit, making it possible for families, or in some cases, entire communities, to store their food and keep it fresh until it can be eaten.

Not only do our cold storage containers provide a place to keep food fresh, they can also be used for medication, and other health supplies which require refrigeration. This opens the door for a variety of rescue and relief efforts which may not have been available in the past due to a lack of safe storage for refrigerated medical equipment.

In Addition To the Solar ColdBox

Our Solar ColdBox isn’t the only way that we offer support to faith-based organizations during missions. Our Solar WaterMaker also provides relief in countries where clean drinking water isn’t readily available. Using solar energy, these atmospheric water generators work to absorb moisture from the air, which is then converted into water and run through a number of filters and UV bacteria killing lights before being stored for use.

The Solar WaterMaker creates 50 gallons of fresh drinking water each day, offering faith-based organizations a chance to provide communities with something they so desperately need to live.

Our Solar ColdBox ships fully assembled, with the solar panels stored inside for easy application. This makes it a convenient device for those living in areas where tools aren’t regularly available. If you, or your organization has questions regarding Aldelano, our solar refrigeration units, or our solar powered water generators, please fill out our contact form. We are always happy to share our story, and provide you with details on how our products can help make a difference.