Keep your florals fresh and beautiful with our cold storage system.

Every floral business relies heavily on a cold storage system to ensure quality and beautiful finished products. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t much care about the need for cold storage facilities, often cutting the power supply during the busiest months. Loss of power and cold air is detrimental to the floral industry, yet it happens so frequently.

Many floral businesses have installed backup generators that use natural gas, or other expensive fossil fuels, just to ensure a constant and reliable cold storage system, but traditional energy sources are costly to you, and to the environment, burning non-renewable resources and pumping pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Solar ColdBox™ by Aldelano is a reliable and inexpensive solar cold storage system, a moneywise alternative to expensive backup generators. Floral businesses across the nation are investing their hard-earned money into ColdBox™ technology for more dependability and reliability, instead of leaving their business up to chance. It’s paying off, too. Traditional energy sources are costly to operate and there’s a chance for power-loss in a thunderstorm. Loss of power equates to a loss of product and a loss of important business. Solar powered cold storage systems are solely operated by sunlight during the day and stored solar energy at night, so no matter what, there is a constant power supply, even if the rest of the city loses power.

Furthermore, solar power is a free, safe, and renewable resource. Why does that matter? Simple. “Free” saves money, “safe” is easy insurance, and “renewable” is great for the environment. ColdBox™ technology uses or stores every bit of solar energy that is absorbed, meaning there is never a chance for waste of energy, whereas most every other system wastes at least 10% of the energy used.

Business owners are doing the math and quickly finding that the savings in energy costs and that worry-free solar energy is more than worthy of the investment in the protection of their most valuable investment – their business. Solar cold storage systems are quickly becoming a must-have in the floral industry simply because of the unmatched reliability they offer to business owners, not to mention the amount of money that business owners are saving every single day.

Don’t find yourself without power and losing product during wedding season. Stop wasting money, wasting energy, and wasting product – invest in and insure your business with the revolutionary solar ColdBox™ system by Aldelano, and feel the difference for yourself.