Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM Applications

Stable electricity has the power to transform medical care, business, and everyday life. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM offers solar off-grid power to anyone in the world. Our robust diesel alternative provides enough solar power to supply a single home or entire community. Off-grid power ensures electricity is available in the wake of a natural disasters and grid failure. The Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM offers domestic and developing nation applications.

Unstable Power in Puerto Rico

Developing Nations

Developing nations are often faced with unstable electricity. Access to electricity can be a challenge due to outdated or underdeveloped power grids. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM can provide stable power to a single home or an entire village. Our off grid power generator goes beyond the grid to reach even the most remote regions of the world.

Disaster Relief

Electricity is often unavailable after major disasters. Our solar power generators can provide robust and stable power to medical centers, evacuation shelters, and first responder hubs. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM can be customized to support devices anywhere in the world.


Many overseas military bases utilize diesel generators. The commute to acquire fuel places troops at risk. An off-grid power generator that relies on solar rather than fuel, such as the Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM, offers military bases stable electricity that is not at risk from outside sources.

Off-Grid Living

Many off-grid living communities utilize small-scale solar solutions. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM brings a fortitude and capacity for solar electricity that other power generators cannot. Our long-lasting, off-grid solar generator can power a single home or entire community. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM goes beyond powering a single fridge or a few cellular devices. Our robust units can power a home full of technical equipment for comfortable everyday living.

Humanitarian Aid

Non-profits and NGOs step in to provide aid when countries and communities are in need. The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/GeneratorTM can help such organizations provide off-grid power for schools, hospitals, shelters, and more.