Clear up those misunderstandings on the topic of solar refrigeration.

As with most anything technological these days, there are a few things that people get a little confused about solar refrigeration – and that’s okay! There are a lot of different specs and claims out there, leaving behind some of the details. Everyone needs a little clarification every now and then. We want to help you make an educated decision and alleviate some of the confusion by “debunking” a few common misconceptions about these systems.

Solar Refrigeration is 100% Self-Sufficient

It’s more like 95%. On cloudy days, solar panels are still absorbing sunlight and operating off-grid systems, and charging the solar batteries for after-dark operation, but the amount of light they are able to absorb is of a lesser quality than that of a clear day. There are some occasions in which a solar refrigeration system may require a backup generator for a few hours of operation once the solar batteries have been drained and the solar panels are unable to absorb any light from the sun. It does happen from time-to-time.

Solar Refrigeration is Only a Temporary Fix

You can cross this worry off the list. Solar refrigeration systems can be as temporary or as permanent as you so like. It just so happens that a majority of these systems are used in temporary emergency and outreach situations, leading people to believe they are only temporary. Restaurants and floral businesses, though, often use these systems as a permanent source of reliable cold storage for daily operation and use. So, while these systems can be temporary, they can also be used as a permanent and reliable cold storage solution.

Solar Refrigeration is Only for Florists and Restaurants

Hardly. Most anyone can use these systems as an everyday and reliable money-saver. In fact, there are many home owners who use solar refrigeration systems as their primary source of cold storage – just on a slightly smaller scale.

Solar Refrigeration Systems Cost More than Normal Utilities

Initially, perhaps. However, the savings you will endure allow you to quickly regain the cost of your investment, and then some. Solar refrigeration systems are an investment, absolutely, and there is some cost associated with it. The difference is in the numbers, though. What you save in energy costs will quickly put you back in the green. Like most major investments, you will see a return that largely benefits you and your checkbook in the long-run, all while still providing top quality and reliable cold storage.

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