Sustainable, ‘green’ infrastructure is critical for drought-sensitive regions in Africa.

East and North Africa have seen widespread droughts over the past four decades. Three-quarters of the region are made up of a desert, and chronic water shortages are expected to worsen due to climate change. Pro-active steps must be taken.

Farmers and herders are hit the worst during droughts; they face significant challenges as water becomes scarce, the land is degraded, and soils become fragile.

“80% of the losses in developing countries caused by droughts are to the agriculture sector. Africa is particularly vulnerable.” – UN

The United Nations is trying to help Africa become proactive instead of reactive to droughts to prevent starvation and other hazards. Early warning signs, sharing technologies as well as policies and incentives to use land and water rationally are part of the UN’s goals to combat drought in upcoming years.

The report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, which was co-authored by the Water for Food Daugherty Global Institute at the University of Nebraska, recommends the use of drought-tolerant, fast maturing and watershed crops as well as advanced methods of irrigation.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can play an essential role in the cold-storage of crops in developing nations. Improper storage leads to food waste across the world; 40% of food waste occurs post-harvest, costing developing nations $310 billion a year.

The Aldelano Solar ColdBoxTM can increase the life of crops prior to transfer to market or export. This industrial-grade, off-grid solar solution can also be used to display products without exposing them to heat, open air, and contamination of the outdoor marketplace.

‘Green’ Infrastructure Can Help Africa Tackle Droughts

The Aldelano Solar ColdBoxTM can also be used in an entrepreneurial capacity. The large cold-storage unit can be divided and rented to local farmers. Ideal for remote locations and with virtually no operating costs, the Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is deliverable almost anywhere. Our powerful solar solution can even come equipped to produce clean water generated from moisture in the air.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions is in the business of prevention and reliability. We create robust, solar equipment that prevents food loss, waterborne illness, and unstable power. It is necessary for tools in developing nations to require little to no maintenance and come ready to use. All of our off-grid, solar solutions meet this prerequisite. Our team is easy to contact and rely on when buyers or communities using our solutions need support.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions innovative and life-saving equipment goes beyond the grid to aid communities that need change and sustainability.