The United Nations’ new Emergency Relief Coordinator has a fresh perspective on the growing needs in Sudan.

Currently, there is a gap between the needs of Sudanese in crisis and humanitarian organizations able to assist. Mark Lowcock, the new UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, has been visiting Sudan for over 35 years. He believes that unless Sudan pushes forward with economic development, the country will remain in crisis.

While the area has seen a decrease in conflict and aid organizations are now able to enter the region to provide relief, Lowcock does not believe more humanitarian aid is the answer. For the country to see ongoing progress, economic growth must occur. When a country develops economically, they are better able to care for their people.

“Development is the long-term solution to Sudan’s humanitarian problem.” UN News

Right now, the humanitarian response plan for Sudan requires $1.4 billion and only 20 percent has been pledged. If the UN is unable to allocate more resources for this plan, Lowcock says there will be more hungry children, fewer children going to school, less medical aid, and livelihoods will be eroded.

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