Learn more about the monetary benefits of atmospheric water generators.

Energy consumption is costly – need we say more? We spend billions of dollars per year on water, natural gas, and electricity, and nearly half of the energy we use is wasted, costing the ecosystem far greater than our checkbook. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of the resources needed to generate clean, pure, and ice-cold drinking water are constantly around us – free of charge and free of harming the ecosystem – every time the sun comes up? It’s true! Better yet, those resources are easily and cost-effectively harvested. With off-grid, solar atmospheric water generators from Aldelano, the senseless overuse of monetary and natural resources is no more!

How Atmospheric Water Generators Work

All around us, there are billions of water molecules in the air, rain or shine. Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) harvest the natural water molecules from the air, generating a substantial amount of pure and clean drinking water, even in the driest and most remote locations where water would otherwise be difficult to tap. How does it work? Simple. Air is moved across cooled coils, forcing the natural water vapors in the air to condense. Once the water has condensed, it drips into a reservoir where it is filtered, cleaned, and purified.

Most electric Atmospheric Water Generators require massive amounts of electricity to power them, which can eat away at funds and resources. Solar AWGs, however, rarely require any external electricity. During the day, the sun is the sole source of power for a solar AWG, making it entirely self-sufficient. Once the sun goes down, the system is powered by batteries that are energized by, you guessed it, solar power. The batteries provide power for up to 15 hours, making the need for an external generator or other energy source a rather rare occasion. Solar AWGs constantly harvest natural, 100% renewable energy from the sun – even on cloudy days (though the amount of solar energy absorbed is of a lesser value). Using solar energy in lieu of other costly resources dramatically decreases your energy spending by over 90 percent.

Solar AWGs from Aldelano are completely self-sufficient fresh water generators, costing the world less and benefitting it more. Off-grid, solar refrigeration is the cost-effective future, and overspending is quickly becoming a thing of the past due to the latest advances in solar power, and the invaluable ability that solar power has in fresh water generation. Stop overspending, overusing, and wasting, and start saving money while producing more drinkable water with a solar Atmospheric Water Generator from Aldelano.


Note: Calculation refers to electricity energy usage only.