Cold storage has a huge impact on crop storage and transport.

Before the invention of the refrigerator, food waste was extremely common, especially in countries where climates are hotter. Cold storage methods made a debut appearance around 1000 B.C., but involved the finding, harvesting, and transporting of ice, which was time consuming and limited in availability.

Modern ingenuity gave us the ability to chill and freeze our food for later use; a boon to the agricultural industry. Unfortunately, not every country or town has access to the electricity or equipment required to store their crops in this way. Here at Aldelano, we want to see that change.

Food For Everyone

Crop storage is an ongoing necessity across the globe, providing farmers with the tools to prevent food spoilage, and giving families greater opportunity to fill their bellies. We have created a solution to the irregularity of energy availability worldwide, and we want to share it with you.

Our off-grid cold storage units work by harnessing solar power. Not only do they remain cold throughout the day, but they also store the energy they absorb and continue functioning throughout the night. This technology provides fresh food where refrigeration is not always an option.

Time and Money

Of course, the advantages of cold storage are not limited to areas where refrigeration is scarce. Cold storage also benefits those in the agricultural industry who rely on fresh crops to earn an income. With so much of the world sharing fruit and vegetation, the need for fresh transport is greater than ever before. During harvest, and even during transit, a solar cooler could be the difference between a failed attempt at delivery and a container of fresh juicy oranges.

One of the questions we get most frequently regarding this method of crop storage is the cost, and how it will affect a community or company long term. While it is true that an upfront cost for the unit may outweigh that of a monthly electric bill for traditional refrigeration methods, the product pays off. Over roughly four to five years, you will see a net gain in the cost of operation. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no additional costs associated with our devices – no need for batteries, gasoline, or on-grid electricity. Once you have paid for the solar cooler, you will have cold storage at virtually no cost to you.

The Bonus of Fresh Drinking Water

In communities where cold storage is impossible, and ingredient spoilage is common, there is often a correlation to poor drinking water quality. For this reason, our solar cooler can be outfitted with a fresh water generator, extracting moisture molecules from the air and converting them into safe drinking water. With the ability to produce up to fifty gallons per day, this resource could be the answer to drought, dehydration and limited water supply around the world.

Whether you want to improve food stability in a town with limited resources, or simply enhance the quality of your crop before and during transport, Aldelano has the answer. Call today for more information on how our cold storage products will work for you.