Three months after Caribbean hurricanes, thousands of children are in urgent need.

Despite these disasters beginning to fade out of the media, the affected communities are still struggling. Hurricane Irma was the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Atlantic Ocean. It impacted the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, Haiti and Cuba. Hurricane Maria then damaged the same region shortly after, leaving 350, 000 children in desperate need of assistance.

The United Nations reported on December 13th that, “Over 35 percent of Dominica’s children – particularly those in shelters – are still not enrolled in education activities, while in Antigua and Barbuda many families remain in shelters, unable to return home”.

UNICEF and other organizations are working with local governments to provide immediate humanitarian relief as well as long-term resources for recovery. Maria Cristina Perceval, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean shared, “While life is returning to normal for many, children and families who have lived through these storms will need committed, sustained support to get their homes, communities and lives back on track.”

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can play a crucial role in providing sustainable and immediate resources for communities that are rebuilding. We offer robust, industrial-grade solar refrigeration, solar power generation, solar atmospheric water and ice generation. In a situation like the Caribbean where children are in need of education, the Aldelano Solar PowerPak can be of assistance. The PowerPak can power a small home or an entire village! Access to stable power can ensure children have the tools they need to learn, whether it is in a temporary location or an existing school building. Schools provide children with food, water and shelter. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can help educators provide these necessities while communities are still under reconstruction.

Going back to school sooner after a crisis provides children with stability, good governance and peace. According to the World Bank, education has a multiplier effect, “Educated girls and women tend to be healthier, have fewer children, earn more income and provide better health care for themselves and their future children.”  Humanitarian groups that utilize Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can help educators provide children with routine, schooling and safety.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions products are portable and customizable. These life-saving, off-grid resources can be used at temporary school locations and then move to other areas of need, once one education facilities are rebuilt. The longevity of these solutions provides communities and humanitarian groups with cost-effective equipment.