What’s the big deal about off-grid cold storage?

Nearly everyone uses some form of cold storage on a daily basis with little to no thought. For a majority of us, the only reason we need cold storage is to keep the milk and eggs fresh and tasty. However, throughout the world, organizations and military personnel are able to provide cold storage in emergency situations that aid in protecting life and the ecosystem, even in the harshest conditions. Unfortunately, many people could care less, or are simply “in the dark” about the benefits that off-grid cold storage has on the environment and the ways in which it benefits humanity across the globe. To help with this, we’ve compiled a short list of a few reasons why everyone should care about off-grid cold storage.

Off-Grid Systems Use Less Energy

Off-grid systems are operated solely off of solar power. Solar energy, being a natural and 100% renewable resource, is an endless and completely harmless source of power. During daylight hours, off-grid cold storage systems operate solely on sunlight, while simultaneously storing solar energy in solar batteries for operation after dark. By eliminating the need for an alternative power source, our cold storage is not only cheaper to operate, but it has a smaller ecological footprint on the environment.

Off-Grid Systems Are 100% Global

Off-grid systems don’t require a traditional power source to operate – only sunlight. This grants access to cold storage of food and other vital supplies in remote places with little to no access to electricity or “traditional” cold storage solutions. Think of war-torn areas and remote, third-world areas around the globe – off-grid systems can provide for the people in those areas at extremely low costs, without the need for traditional grid access. As long as the sun rises, our storage systems can provide efficient cold storage to any part of the world.

From Food to Blood – It Stays Cold

When disaster strikes and supplies are needed, Igloo® coolers can only keep vital survival supplies cold for so long. Off-grid cold storage systems are unmatched in value. Disasters occur without warning and without regard for humanity. When power lines are knocked out and supplies are needed, off-grid systems are ready to go, operating at full capacity, no matter what. From milk and eggs to an emergency supply of blood, our cold storage systems are invaluable in the field of emergency management.

Cost-Effective From Day One

The amount of money we spend on energy waste is outrageous, and it will only get worse. These cold storage systems don’t require any fossil fuels to operate, meaning you don’t have to pay the price of traditional energy costs at all. In fact, there is virtually no cost to operate these systems and the sun is to thank for that. Stop wasting money, wasting energy, and harming the ecosystem. Use off-grid cold storage and start saving instantly.

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