Disaster Preparedness

Many communities are not prepared for natural disasters, despite living in areas of risk.

Natural disasters can compromise access to power as well as clean water. When a disaster is immanent, communities stock up on water bottles and gas. This leaves many at risk of being unprepared if they do not purchase resources in time

The key […]

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Food Insecurity, Famine & Disease in Africa

According to the World Health Organization, over 20 million people are facing crisis or severe food insecurity in the Horn of Africa.

Famine has been declared in South Sudan. Food security is a serious issue in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and Yemen. When there is a severe lack of nutrition, the immune system is weakened […]

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Off-Grid Solutions During Phases of Disaster Relief

It is important to remember that disaster relief goes way beyond the initial stage. There is response, recovery, preparedness and risk migration.

While media coverage starts to dwindle after the initial stages, the needs of those affected by the disaster are still alive and real. Our goal is to provide sustainable off-grid solutions that can be […]

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Unstable Power in Africa

Power generation capacity in sub-Sahara Africa is lower than any other region in the world.

USAID estimates two out of three people lack access to electricity in sub-Sahara Africa. Though hydro power is considered one of Africa’s best energy sources, it is underutilized. Africa’s lack of grid infrastructure means few options for electricity, power outages and […]

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Off-Grid Solutions for Emergency Responders

Emergency responders such as the Red Cross take action during earthquakes, typhoons, conflict, severe drought, and famine.

Natural disaster can leave populations without electricity, water, food and medical care. Depending on resource limitations and remoteness, communities can be left in dire need for even the most basic necessities. Emergency responders seek to provide communities struck by […]

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The WHY and HOW of Solar

We put together a list of the most important items and processes to consider when deciding on what solar panel solutions suit your needs.
Different Forms of Renewable Energy:


Biomass is typically wood, biofuels such as ethanol, or municipal solid waste such as garbage.


Geothermal energy is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or […]

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Low Maintenance Tech for Developing Nations

NGOs in developing nations play a pivotal role in providing food, medical care, solar power and more to those most marginalized.

Organizations in developing nations know first-hand that technologies claiming to solve major challenges often do not align well with the educational level or resources in poor communities. There is no shortage of exciting solutions for […]

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Health Care Challenges in Developing Nations

Many health care facilities in developing nations receive donated equipment they cannot use.

Non-profits and individuals often donate equipment that these medical facilities cannot utilize due to unstable electricity. Equipment also goes unused because it breaks down and these facilities do not have the means to repair the equipment.
“When you have supply-side-driven donations, you end up […]

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Clean Water for Developing Nations

Many of us have heard of the clean water issues that face developing nations. Poor economics or infrastructure lead millions of people to die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

WHO Facts:

884 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 159 million people who are dependent on surface water.

Contaminated drinking water […]

Solar-Power for Off-Grid Living

The primary challenges of off-grid living include: access to water, limited power supply, proper food storage and costs.

In a separate blog post, we identified  potential solutions for these issues. Our goal is to provide solutions that are reliable, durable and of the highest quality. In this pursuit, Aldelano has created the Solar PowerPak!

The Solar PowerPak […]

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