Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change in Comoros

Comoros is an island archipelago located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Madagascar known as the “Perfume Islands.”

This beach paradise is filled with the scents of ylang-ylang, vanilla, and clove. Comoros is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The islands rely heavily on agriculture for their livelihood. Nearly 200,000 Comorians depend solely on […]

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Improved Weather Reports for Uganda Farmers

Farmers in Uganda have traditionally relied exclusively on rainfall to grow their crops.

Drought and dry weather conditions have left many farmers with poor harvests. The growing challenge has prompted The Government of Uganda to revolutionize their weather report system to provide local farmers with a better weather, water, and climate monitoring system. The goal is […]

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Essential Services on Verge of Shutdown in Gaza

For regions, like Gaza, that rely on fuel for electricity shortages can be life-threatening.

Currently, one hospital in Gaza has been forced to shut down and many more are at risk due to the Israeli authorities restricting the entry of fuel into the nation. The tightening on fuel imports and exports is reportedly in response to […]

Tiny Houses Could Be A Solution to The World’s Housing Problem

Yale University and UN Environment unveiled an eco-tiny house in New York City!

The 22-square-meter tiny house is powered 100% by renewable energy and is testing the potential for the minimal use of natural resources such as water. The unit can accommodate up to four people and has the potential for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Each […]

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Puerto Rico’s Fragile Power Grid

Puerto Rico’s power grid underwent $3.8 billion in repairs between 2017 and 2018. However, the island’s grid remains ‘highly fragile’ and susceptible to damage should another storm occur.

The damage left by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico created the longest blackout in United States history. Puerto Ricans have observed repairs to the grid that […]

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‘Green’ Infrastructure Can Help Africa Tackle Drought

Sustainable, ‘green’ infrastructure is critical for drought-sensitive regions in Africa.

East and North Africa have seen widespread droughts over the past four decades. Three-quarters of the region are made up of a desert, and chronic water shortages are expected to worsen due to climate change. Pro-active steps must be taken.

Farmers and herders are hit the worst […]

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Development is Key for Sudan

The United Nations’ new Emergency Relief Coordinator has a fresh perspective on the growing needs in Sudan.

Currently, there is a gap between the needs of Sudanese in crisis and humanitarian organizations able to assist. Mark Lowcock, the new UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, has been visiting Sudan for over 35 years. He believes that unless Sudan […]

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UN Plans to Break the Cycle of HIV Transmission

The United Nations has stated that breaking the cycle of HIV transmission is part of their 2030 Agenda.

Between 2006 and 2016, there has been a 40 percent decline in new infections. While global progress has been made, key populations such as young girls in Africa are at risk for HIV. For example, reports that […]

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Children in CAR are Suffering

Children in the Central African Republic (CAR) are suffering from malnutrition and thirst. The infant mortality rate is at 18 percent and severe acute malnutrition is higher than the emergency threshold of 15 percent.

Najat Rochdi, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for CAR shared, “Where you have kids, those little girls and little boys coming to you and […]

Military Generals Partner with Tennessee Solar Firm to Model Technology Globally

Retired U.S. generals Russel L. Honoré (3-star), Dennis Via (4-star), Alonzo Short (3-star) and Brigadier General John Watkins are working with Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions to introduce technology in disaster relief, remote areas.

JACKSON, TN – Clean drinking water, off-grid power and cold storage access will soon arrive in developing nations and remote U.S. areas […]

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