Cold Storage Benefits the Whole WorldThere are a vast array of benefits to cold storage. Aldelano realizes the importance of cold storage technology, but not everyone is quite aware of how crucial cold storage really is. We do our best to inform everyone what technology such as the Solar ColdBox can do to help hunger and lack of resources in developing countries. Many people think that a lack of food is the reason behind world hunger. This is a common misconception, and dispelling this notion is part of our mission. By instilling people with a stronger understanding of the issues that plague the world, we become closer to solving those issues.

How Can Cold Storage Help World Hunger?

Although there are many factors that cause world hunger, a lack of food seems to be a common answer to the question of what the main factor is. This is only true in part. The reason the food is lacking isn’t because it’s not there in the first place, it’s because a large portion of it goes to waste. The reason behind this is there is simply not a good place to store the food after harvest. A lack of storage solutions means that perfectly good food will go uneaten. This is where the Solar ColdBox comes in. Not only does it provide a storage solution, it is sustainable. People with limited access to electricity and gas can store their harvests using solar power. In addition, a WaterMaker attachment can be utilized to provide much needed clean water to these communities.

The Solar ColdBox Is Paving the Way

The Solar Coldbox is easily transported to communities that need it and then requires little maintenance to work. Operation is simple and intuitive, and it can provide a cold storage solution to those who need it most. Although it’s not an immediate solution to world hunger, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Aldelano is constantly working to provide cold storage solutions across the globe.

Aldelano Works to Improve the World

Here at Aldelano we are working tirelessly to make the world a better place for everyone to live. Through solar technology and cold storage solutions, this mission will become a reality. We are constantly innovating our technology to help people. There is no easy answer to the issue of world hunger, but Aldelano is seeking to change that. To learn more about how our Solar ColdBox technology can help you, contact us today or view our website for more information.