The United Nations refugee agency is ramping up assistance for the growing number of Venezuelan refugees arriving in Brazil.

Over 40,000 Venezuelans entered Brazil through the state of Roraima and are living in Boa Vista. The refugees are fleeing Venezuela’s autocratic government and a devastated economy. The country is struggling to provide food, shelter, and healthcare to these immigrants.

Authorities recently declared a state of emergency and are allocating $58 million for emergency humanitarian aid. The UNHCR is working closely with the Brazilian Government to register Venezuelans and ensure they have the proper paperwork. Once refugees receive documentation, they have special permits to work, access health care, education and other basic services.

While the UN and Brazilian government are working to get refugees registered, many are still living on the streets at risk for sexual exploitation and violence. Two new shelters have been opened in Boa Vista to help combat those risks. With shelters nearly at capacity, the UN is giving precedence to families with children, pregnant women, older adults and others with specific needs.

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