Many communities are not prepared for natural disasters, despite living in areas of risk.

Natural disasters can compromise access to power as well as clean water. When a disaster is immanent, communities stock up on water bottles and gas. This leaves many at risk of being unprepared if they do not purchase resources in time

The key to disaster preparedness is developing a plan that starts before you are at risk. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions can help your family or community with the following:

Prepare for Power Outages:

Solar Power: The Aldelano Solar PowerPak is a solar power converting station that collects solar energy and converts it to usable AC power for use with virtually any electric device. They can power everything from a small home to an entire building. All units are customized to meet the electrical needs of the region and the specific needs of the customer.

Solar Powered Cold Storage for Food: The Aldelano Solar ColdBox is an industrial-grade, portable, solar-powered cold storage mini-warehouse that provides a completely renewable power source, refrigeration and freezing capacity. Temperatures range from -10 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit within a 20 or 40ft shipping container.

Prepare for No Clean Water:

Solar Atmospheric Water Generation: Aldelano’s Solar WaterMaker extracts water right from the air! The WaterMaker provides fresh, clean water that is totally independent of any power grid or water system. Different models can create 30 to 1,000 gallons of clean water per day and up to 2,300 lbs. of ice.

Natural disasters can happen in any part of the country. Creating a sustainable and solar powered system keeps you prepared for the unexpected. Hurricane Irma has left over 60% of Florida without power. Towns that received heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey have been without power for weeks. The 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico left 1 million without power.


Florida without power

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions allow individuals and communities to prepare in advance. This preparation equips people to focus on relief after a disaster occurs.


Shareables from FEMA:



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