Learn more about our water generator’s purification process.

Water is an essential ingredient to human life, and yet so many countries go without clean drinkable water. Here at Aldelano, we know that a little change can make a big difference, which is why we created our Solar WaterMaker. This water generator works by collecting moisture from humid airspace and turning it into drinking water.

One of the main questions we get regarding our atmospheric water generators is how we purify the water so that it is safe for drinking. This can be broken down into six steps, which we have outlined below.

1. Cleaning The Water

With a 29 gallon built-in storage tank and the ability to create 50 gallons of fresh water each day, we know that it is absolutely crucial to rid the collected liquid of bacteria. We do this through the use of UV light, which kills viruses and bacteria before the water reaches those who will drink it.

2. Water Generator Filters

Ridding the water of germs isn’t enough to make it safe for human consumption, especially if there is a lot of dirt and debris floating around the area where it is being collected. Absorbing moisture in the air also means absorbing dust and particles which are floating around with it. Fortunately, we designed our water generators with a filter which decreases the chance of dirt, sand, metal and rust from reaching the water supply.

3. Dechlorinating

With so many chemicals circulating the earth today, it’s no surprise that water absorbed from the air is full of chlorine. This leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and can give drinking water an unappeasable odor. Through the use of a carbon block filter along with our 5 Micron Sediment filter, your water will taste fresh and clean.

4. Dechlorinating Water Generator Liquid x2

Removing chlorine and chemicals just once isn’t enough for most water drinkers, which is why we installed two carbon block filters in our water generator to properly purify your water.

5. Final Filtration

To enhance and improve the overall flavor of the water collected through our device, we use a granular activated carbon final polishing filter. This final method of filtration, not only guarantees that your water is clean, but that it is enjoyable as well.

6. Extra UV

As the stored water is dispensed, the Aldelano water generator runs a secondary UV sterilizer to kill any bacteria which may have been missed. Between the many filters and our double sterilization process, we are confident that all of the water collected through our machines is pure and drinkable.

For questions about our solar powered water generators, or solar refrigeration units, we invite you to continue browsing our website or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!